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IRIKA offers a wide range of EPC project services including financing, feasibility studies, planning, project management and control, engineering services, the supply of equipment, technical inspection, equipment installation, execution management, supervision, commissioning and guarantee period of industrial projects.




Metallurgy Industries


Holder for license of manufacturing iron sponge production units with MIDREX method from Japanese Qube steel company. (By IRITEC)

Mining & Minerals


-  Managing, engineering, providing equipment and constructing iron ore and copper concentrate production units.

-  Managing, providing equipment and constructing coal-washing units.

-  Equipping coal mines and extraction of coal from underground mines in mechanized method.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries


-   Owning management knowledge in the large scale Oil and Gas processing plants.

-   Management, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of Oil associated Gat collection and sweetening plants.

-   Basic and detail engineering, providing material & equipment and managing of all execution activities for crude oil desalting projects.



-  Urban planning and construction of different projects in various geographical conditions

-  Establishing a relationship with a vast spectrum of owners of knowledge,

   contractors, manufacturers and famous foreign manufacturers.

-  Receiving and localizing technical know-how of steel industry.

-  Financial procurement of projects.


IRIKA Engineering and Commercial Services GmbH was established in 2007 as a trade arm of the IRITEC Company. IRIKA became an active trader and a leading company with the subject of activities in metallurgy, oil, gas, petrochemical and mine Industries. IRIKA has expanded their activity area in the field of EPC services, investment and the finance sectors.

Together with our business partners, with whom we are proud to have long-term business relationships, we realize and build industrial plants and provide all equipment of running plants or develop infrastructure projects, real estate and facilities.


Our aim is to offer comprehensive and competitive services to our clients


  • Management and implementation of the projects in the metal, oil and gas, petrochemical and mine industry

  • Development of plants

  • Realization of infrastructure projects and real estate projects

  • Exploration, Engineering, Technical Services

  • Supply of Machinery & Equipment

  • Procurement of Spare Parts

  • Supply of Technical Support

  • Investment & Financing

We are proud to be a dynamic organization, which plays an effective role in establishing and supporting companies progress in industry and international markets and creates an economic corporation with high technology companies and international standards.



BS OHSAS 18001: 2007
ISO 14001: 2015
ISO 9001: 2008
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ISO TS 29001: 2010

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